Enter our world for a fresh take on self-expression.


We offers beauty products that are easy to use, require no tutorials, and can be taken on the go.


Our products use the cleanest, safest, and most beneficial ingredients available for young skin.


We introduce characters like Vita that inspire girls to have fun and be creative with their beauty routines.


To bridge the gap between old-school makeup kits and adult cosmetics with safe, fun, and easy-to-use color makeup sticks that are age-appropriate for tweens.

A Note From Our Founders

Daniel and Judith, the heart and soul of Talomi, envision a world where their daughter Bianca can embrace her true self, unburdened by societal beauty standards. They hold the conviction that genuine beauty comes from self-love and believe that the tween years are crucial for parents to nurture a foundation of healthy self-esteem.

That's why we founded Talomi—to create a brand that doesn’t just sit on the skin but speaks to the soul. Talomi stands as an ally for girls and their parents in their journey of growth and transformation. It bridges the playful world of childhood and the desire to explore individuality. With creative tools like the Vita Makeup Stick, Talomi inspires self-expression, helping young girls color their journeys with confidence and optimism.

- Judith & Daniel, Co-Founders

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